Why Does Tire Pressure Fluctuate?

Your tire pressure icon serves as one of the warning lights on your dashboard, and it shouldn't be ignored. In fact, this illuminated light can help you keep your tires safe for the road. What is this light? It's the tire pressure light, and there are a couple of reasons that this light comes on.

The tire pressure light can warn you of your tire pressure being too low or too high, but why are there fluctuations in tire pressure, anyway? One of the reasons that you might lose tire pressure is if you have a leak in your tire. You might also have differing pressure as the weather warms up or gets colder. You see, when the weather is colder, the air molecules in the tire contract, so they are not pushing on the walls of the tire.

If you're interested in learning more about your tire pressure light, come to Grieco KIA of Delray Beach, and we'll be happy to talk to you. We can inspect, repair, or replace your tires while you wait.

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