Loading Tips to Ensure the Safety of You and Your Vehicle

Loading your vehicle properly is part of having a safe vehicle, and we at [Dealership] don't just care about selling the vehicle. We also care about your safety long after you drive your vehicle off the lot. So that you are knowledgeable, we've put together a list of some of the most important things to remember when loading your SUV or truck.

First of all, when you are loading the back end of your vehicle, always make sure that the heaviest things are at the bottom of the load toward the front end of the bed. Loading the heaviest items on the bottom reduces the risk of a rollover, and having the weight in the center allows steering and braking to function efficiently. Also, make sure that loose items are secured so that it doesn't shift when you brake, ensure that you can see out the back, and check the tires for proper inflation.

At Grieco Kia of Delray Beach, we want you to be safe in your vehicle, so stop by for any service-related needs that you encounter.



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