Rubber Floor Mats Versus Carpet Floor Mats

If you are looking to protect your car's interior than after-market floor mats are one of the best ways to do it. After-market mats can often offer better protection and a larger coverage area than the mats that come with the vehicle. You can also choose between rubber and carpet depending on your lifestyle and needs.

Rubber floor mats are a great option for those who live in areas that experience lots of wet weather, as they are both very easy to clean and extremely durable. If those characteristics are not important to you, a carpeted floor mat can…

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Loading Tips to Ensure the Safety of You and Your Vehicle

Loading your vehicle properly is part of having a safe vehicle, and we at [Dealership] don't just care about selling the vehicle. We also care about your safety long after you drive your vehicle off the lot. So that you are knowledgeable, we've put together a list of some of the most important things to remember when loading your SUV or truck.

First of all, when you are loading the back end of your vehicle, always make sure that the heaviest things are at the bottom of the load toward the front end of the bed. Loading the…

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Comparing Front-Wheel to Rear-Wheel Drive

Improved automotive knowledge leads to better auto-buying decisions, and our blog can help you. Today, we compare front-wheel and rear-wheel drive.

Wheels move cars, and in a front-wheel drive setup, the front wheels pull the car using horsepower provided by the vehicle's engine. In rear-wheel drive configurations, the car's back wheels receive the horsepower, creating a pushing effect. Car makers like to put front-wheel drive systems in their economy cars because they require fewer parts and cost less to install.

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Understanding the Difference Between Bumper-to-Bumper and Powertrain Warranties

Obtaining warranty coverage when buying a new or previously owned vehicle from Grieco Kia of Delray Beach showroom is a smart way to avoid unexpected repair expenses during your first year or two of ownership. But do you know the difference between a bumper-to-bumper warranty or a powertrain warranty?

A powertrain warranty does not cover everything under the car's hood. But it does cover all components involved in the vehicle's propulsion system and things like the driveshaft and velocity joints that bring power to the wheels.

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How to Safely Jump Start Another Car

It can happen at the worst of times: You're running late for an appointment, and all of a sudden, your car won't start up. This guide will help you to jump-start your car safely and easily.

If you have access to another (running) vehicle, you can get your vehicle up and running in no time. Bring the running car as close to the nose of the car with the dead battery. Turn off the car, open the hood for both cars, and grab your jumper cables. 

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Why Does Tire Pressure Fluctuate?

Your tire pressure icon serves as one of the warning lights on your dashboard, and it shouldn't be ignored. In fact, this illuminated light can help you keep your tires safe for the road. What is this light? It's the tire pressure light, and there are a couple of reasons that this light comes on.

The tire pressure light can warn you of your tire pressure being too low or too high, but why are there fluctuations in tire pressure, anyway? One of the reasons that you might lose tire pressure is if you have a leak in…

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Allow Our Mechanics to Check Your Brake Fluid

Here at Grieco Kia of Delray Beach, we have qualified service technicians who can check your fluids and take care of any maintenance that your vehicle may need. Brake fluid is one of the fluids that should be monitored periodically.

What does brake fluid do for your car? Automotive brakes are designed to stop your vehicle at a moment's notice, so you and your passengers stay safe. The amount of force required to do this is more than what you use to step on the brake pedal. Your brakes use brake fluid to pneumatically clamp a brake pad against…

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Do You Know What Your Vehicle’s Differential Is?

The differential gearbox plays a big role in making sure the wheels on a vehicle turn as necessary. The differential gears make sure the wheels spin at the appropriate speed thanks to necessary engine power. In order to protect these gears, a car or truck needs clean differential fluid running through them.

Differential fluid works in a manner no different than engine oil or transmission fluid: it acts as a lubricant. Specifically, the fluid lubricates the differential gears. With proper lubrication, the gears won't wear out easily from friction.

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Settle on the Right Amount of Horsepower for Your Needs

What is horsepower? When car shopping it’s a good idea to learn the lingo. Horsepower will often be used when describing vehicles, and the stickers in the window might have horsepower ratings. But what is it?

The term horsepower was created in late 1700’s or early 1800’s. Way back then, one horse could pull 330 pounds of coal out of a mine, up to a 100-foot-tall tunnel all in one minute, so horsepower literally means the horse’s power. Basically, a unit of measurement. In the 1970’s the Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, standardized the…

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Explore the Different Drivetrain Options in Delray Beach

When looking to buy a new vehicle, there are probably many features you'd like to include. A great feature that people often overlook is an all-wheel and four-wheel drive. Auto manufacturers have made this feature much more accessible to vehicles that were never considered before, such as sedans.

Our staff members at Grieco Kia of Delray Beach would like to explain what these features are, and, how they work. All-wheel drive is common on smaller vehicles such as crossovers and sedans. This feature gives power to the wheels that need it based on driving conditions.

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