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Kia first came to America in 1994. However, the history of Kia is much longer than many people -- then or now -- realize. The company was founded in South Korea fifty years earlier, and went through some interesting twists and turns on its way to these shores. More than twenty years after their American debut, Kia has gone from struggling for respect to demanding and earning it. At Grieco Kia of Delray Beach, what we see in Kia is a company that's restless, always improving and looking to what's next, whether it's their innovative UVO infotainment system or the head-turning 2016 Kia Soul.

History of the Kia Brand

The Kia story began in 1944, when Korea was still subjugated by Japan and before South Korea had gained its independence. In its early days, the company made bicycle parts. Seven years from their founding, they were building complete bicycles. By 1957, engines had come into the mix as Kia started producing another company's motorcycles under license. Licensing proved successful and lucrative enough that by 1962, Kia was manufacturing trucks, and building cars a decade later after opening an automotive plant in 1973. When 1974 dawned, Kia introduced the Brisa and the brand was cast for its future as an automaker in its own right.

That future was nearly nipped in the bud. In 1981, the South Korean government consolidated many industries, putting a stop to Kia's car manufacture. Those restrictions were lifted five years later, and the Kia assembly lines struggled back to life. 26 cars would be built in 1986. That number was handily dwarfed when the company built more than 90,000 cars the next year, setting the stage for their modern success.

History of the Models from Kia

Kia was introduced to the United States by the Kia Sephia (1994-2001). Other Kia models from those early years have also faded into history, such as the Kia Spectra (2000-2009) and Kia Amanti (2004-2010). Many Kia designs have proven popular and durable. The Kia Sportage entered production in 1995, followed by the Kia Optima (2001-present), the Kia Sedona (2002-present), and the Kia Sorento (2003-present). 2010 was a banner year, seeing the introduction of the Kia Cadenza, Kia Soul and Kia Forte, followed by the luxurious 2016 Kia K900 .

Buying a Kia with Grieco Kia of Delray Beach

Even after more than two decades, we still hear surprise from our customers here in Florida -- and from reviewers all over the world -- at the quality, the ride, and the fit and finish of Kia cars and SUVs. We just smile to ourselves. That 10-year, 10,000 mile warranty is no accident, nor is it some kind of gimmick. If you're going to back your car with that kind of warranty, whether it's a 2016 Kia Forte or a 2016 Kia Optima -- it takes no small amount of confidence. More importantly than that, however, it takes the knowledge that you've built a car that can make that warranty mean something. Kia delivers.

The Grieco Kia of Delray Beach staff is proud of the history of Kia. We're impressed with the company's position and products here and now. But more than anything, we can't wait to see what comes next. Want to know how to buy a Kia? You can come to our showroom at 2255 South Federal Highway in Delray Beach, Florida to learn all about it and learn more about us.