Trade in Your Kia Car at Grieco Kia of Delray Beach


Grieco Kia of Delray Beach

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Grieco Kia is the Delray Beach Kia dealership of choice whether you're looking for a new or certified pre-owned Kia vehicle from practically any make and model you can think of. It doesn't matter if you're here year-round or you're a snowbird, or whether you're coming from Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Lake Worth, or all the way from Jacksonville. Of course, buying a new or pre-owned car raises the question of what you'll do with your old one. Rather than doing it yourself through the classifieds or a website, let us help you to get the best value for your pre-owned car by trading it in toward a new or pre-owned Kia vehicle.

Why Trade In at Grieco Kia of Delray Beach?

We're glad you asked. There are a few important reasons to trade in with us.

No Hassles: Rather than spending time you don't have researching car values, second-guessing your sale price, figuring out where and when to sell your car, paying through the nose for senseless fees, and wasting time haggling over prices, trade in your pre-owned car with Grieco Kia. We remove the middle men, fees, haggling and hassle.

Simplicity: Thanks to our online trade-in value appraisal, it's easy to enter your vehicle's vital information and be contacted quickly with an appraisal value. If you're not computer savvy, or if you just prefer the human touch, come to our Delray Beach Kia dealership to discuss your options and browse our inventory.

Selection: Whether you're buying a new 2018 Kia Optima, a 2015 model that's coming off lease, or a pre-owned classic that you've had your eye on, you're likely to find something to love here. After all, a trade-in only works when you're trading for something you actually want.

The Bottom Line: We're committed to giving you a fair trade-in price for your old vehicle every time.

What Should I Do Before Trading In My Car?

Ready to trade in your car? Great! There are a few things you can do to make the process even easier. For starters, make sure you have your title with you. Next, if you have your car's manual, make sure that's handy too. Do you have receipts or a maintenance history? Bring that as well. Most importantly, clean out your car. Check the center console, trunk, glove box, seat and door pockets, and deep in those seat cushions. It's not only about cleaning out stray gummy bears, Legos and convenience store receipts. It's also making sure that money and valuables like the mix CD your fiancée made you, your bicycle pump, or the left earring you lost aren't forgotten.

A Few Thoughts in Closing

Buying a car can be confusing and stressful. The reason that our customers love us at Grieco Kia of Delray Beach is that we work hard to take the confusion and stress out of the experience of buying a new or pre-owned Kia. That includes walking you through your choices when it comes to models, explaining trim levels and option packages, arranging financing, and giving you a fair trade-in value on your old vehicle. Questions? Come to the Grieco Kia of Delray Beach showroom at 2255 South Federal Highway, or browse our new Kia models.